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New: Solidarity version 1.1 now available!

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, I tried to buy a flag but found that every store was sold out. Not to be discouraged, I decided to write this app so I would never again have to be without a flag.

With Solidarity, you can...

  • Put a United States Flag on your Palm Powered PDA and carry it proudly wherever you go. Works on both color and grayscale devices.
  • Play "America the Beautiful", "God Bless America", or "Star Spangled Banner" whenever the urge strikes.
  • Check "Stay on in cradle" on some rechargeable devices to display your flag when your device is in a recharging cradle.
  • Use the "Options" menu to quickly jump to the General Prefs app in order to adjust the sound volume or to enable "Stay on in cradle" mode (if supported).
  • Easily beam Solidarity to other Palm users.
  • See how many other devices have previously beamed your copy of Solidarity. (Note: The beam count will always be zero for users who download the app from the web, but users who receive it through beaming will see how many times their copy was beamed before it reached them. Beam it to a friend and check out their copy to see how this works.)

Solidarity is "RedCross-Ware": Please consider making a donation to the American Red Cross at or by calling 1-800-HELP-NOW.

Download Solidarity today at PalmGear!

Screen shot of Solidarity application

Change history:

  • 9/21/2001 - Version 1.1 released.
    • Added "Star Spangled Banner" music due to popular demand.
    • Added "Help" menu item to display program info for users who receive app through beaming.
    • Color Launcher icons are now transparent for users who have non-standard UI color schemes.
    • Still occupies only 27K on the device, with sound and graphics!
  • 9/16/2001 - Version 1.0 released.

What users are saying:

"Thanks for the new version. It is great to have. I want you to know that I have sent donations to the Red Cross and a fund handled by the Chicago Tribune... Again, thanks for a great and inspiring program!!"

"A great add on by including the Star Spangled Banner. Thanks for your time creating this new version. I have now beamed Solidarity to 22 people and will continue whenever I run into a Palm user. This app really does help people and you should be proud to have created it."

"I also could not find an American Flag over the last couple of days and I will now proudly display the Flag app that you have created. Thank you so much for being this considerate by creating this. I will definitely be beaming this to all my friends who have a Palm os handheld."

"Thanks for an inspiring piece of software."

"Thanks so much for this wonderful flag. I wanted to let you know that my husband and I have made a sizeable donation to the Red Cross, and appreciate you making this 'RedCross-Ware'."

"This apps is touching. It's so great to have. Makes me feel so proud of our country (US of A). Thanx!"

"Great Program!! Ideal app to use Power Button Hack with. Turns on whenever I start my Palm. Thank you for writing this."

"Would be perfect with the anthem :-)Thanks!" [Done, see version 1.1 above!]

"I love this app. At a time when there is so much sadness, I can just turn on my Palm and feel proud and almost smile."

"At times like this, this software is really beautiful. I love America!"

"A great idea & a great app. Thanks!"

"Thank you very much for this app. I have been looking for a flag that played our anthem. I have found several flags, but yours is the first that plays patriotic songs. Could the Anthem be added? I really want the anthem :-) Though God Bless America is GREAT!!!" [Done, see version 1.1 above!]

Download Solidarity today at PalmGear!

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